Below are the activities we run in the Waterford Hunt Branch. This is only an introduction to these activities and you should also read the relevant Rule Books and Tack Sheets.


A rally is a meeting of Pony Club members, where activities with pony and rider take place. Rallies may be mounted or dismounted. Mounted rallies normally take the form of a riding lesson or games, while dismounted rallies may concentrate on stable management. Rallies last approx 2 hours and members are put in rides according to their age and ability. Members must attend at least three rallies in order to attend camp. If members are riding a new pony/horse the DC should always be notified.


A week of equestrian activities. All members must be mounted. Camp starts at 9.30am each morning and finishes at 4pm. Members are in groups according to their age and ability. Activities include dressage, Show-jumping, cross country, games, treks, beach ride, guest speakers, demonstration riders and specialised teaching. Combined training competition is held on the last day, followed by presentation, with full turnout of members. Parents and guardians welcome.

Mini Camp

Three day camp for under 11 year old members. 10am to 3pm. Fun orientated lessons especially designed to meet the needs of our most junior riders and ponies.

Horse Trials / Eventing

Competition including the three disciplines: dressage, showjumping and cross country. The competition involves testing the obedience, athleticism and endurance of the horse and rider. Each discipline is marked and the cumulative total decides the winner. Classes for under 12's, junior, intermediate, members and seniors.


Member must memorise and then ride the dressage test. Classes for under 12's, junior, intermediate, members and seniors. Tests the obedience of the horse.


Riding a set course of show jumps. Knocks/run outs/stops/falls all count as penalties. Pony Club Showjumping competitions include, Robbie Bailey junior team, under 14 years and must not have passed C+ test, Capt. John Ledingham trophy, intermediate team competition, under 21 years, Championship team Showjumping competition, over 12 years and under 21 years, winning team is eligible to compete at the UK championships. Showjumping classic, must be over 13 years on 1st January, separate class for riders over 14 & 15 years. The winner receives a bursary. Tests the athleticism of the horse.

Combined Training

Competition consisting of dressage and Showjumping. Combination of marks decides the winner. Classes for under 12's, junior, intermediate, members and seniors.

Cross Country

Cross country consists of a course of approx 20 solid fences, similar to those found in the hunting field, but purposely built. Competitor must ride the course clearing each obstacle and cross the finish line within the time.

Hunter Trials

Members ride a cross country course and the fastest time wins.

Mounted Games

Members compete on ponies, using posts, balls buckets, flags, etc. Under 10's, junior and senior.


Competition for under 12's consisting of swimming, running and cross country riding.


Competition for under 15's and seniors, consisting of swimming, running, shooting and cross country.

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