Membership Application must be completed online returned together with the annual subscription.

You can contact any of the Branch Officers listed on the contacts page.

Membership runs from January 1st until the 31st December of a year. Note that the annual subscription for new members paid between 30th November and 31st December counts for the following year.
To get the most out of being a member it is preferable to own your own pony, though it is not a general requirement that a child must own a horse/pony in order to join Irish Pony Club and a small percentage of our members do not.

However members should be aware that they may be restricted in the number of Pony Club activities in which they may take part if they don’t have the exclusive use of a horse or pony and the means to transport it.

You may not take part in any activities after 1st January unless you have renewed your membership.

If a members wishes to transfer from one branch to another, they must get written approval from the D.C’s of both clubs, as well as permission from the Area Representative.