A Hunter Trial is a competition to test the ability of the horse and rider to negotiate a course of typical natural fences at a fair hunting pace. Riders compete in pairs or teams of three and there are various levels of competition to suit all ages and levels of ability.


Hunter Trials – 2024 – Saturday 27th April, Hillcrest Equestrian Centre.

A new Competition of Teams of 3 is being introduced in the Juniors section of the IPC Hunter Trials championship on a 2-year trial basis.This competition will form part of the Brennan, Lillingston & Carroll points system. The below rule will form part of the teams of 3 for the Junior section only at the Hunter Trails Championship

The following rule applies to branches with a maximum of 39 or less members registered with the IPC who cannot field a team for the championship and who may wish to field a mixed branch team for the Junior section, teams of 3 class in the Hunter Trial Championship.

Each branch will put forward the names of their members to the Irish Pony Club office for a mixed team selection process. The teams will then be selected by representatives from the eventing committee and will be approved by the chairperson of the Equine Executive Committee and upon approval all branches will be informed by the IPC Office. This new process applies only to the Junior Teams of 3 at the IPC Hunter Trails Championships.